NimbleHeart – Complete Cardio Awareness at your Fingertips

Founded in 2012 by a cardiologist / electro-physiologist and a wireless / consumer product design expert.

Mission is to provide clinical level cardiac monitoring for “at risk” population in the comfort of their homes.

We are a clinical-grade mobile cardiac monitoring platform designed to provide guidance and peace of mind in the pursuit of cardiovascular health goals.

Diagnostic Quality ECG

Full Coverage and Clear ECG morphology during exercise

Anywhere Access

Anywhere Access

Real-time ECG anywhere through an iOS device

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Qualified to provide real-time status and triaging feedback

Easy to Incorporate

Easy to Incorporate

Comfortable, easy to use harness, no gel or sticky electrodes, long battery life, prescriber / coach connectivity

  • Upto 3 channel ECG
  • Heart Rate
  • Activity Level
  • Waveform that can be used to detect Arrhythmia and ST Segment changes (Ischemia)

NimbleHeart delivered second version of Male and Female ECG harnesses to NASA. The following patch was created by NASA AMES research center team to honor our partnership.


Sonal Tambe
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Pramod Deshmukh, MD

Co-founder and Clinical Advisor



August 2017

FDA clears Physiotrace Smart wearable and reusable device for exercise ECG monitoring


May 2016

TiEcon 2016 announces NimbleHeart Inc. as a 2016 TiE50 Winner